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A Las Vegas reader pooh-poohs a study that found that lottery winners were much happier than losers. I read “ Winning the Lottery Beats Losing, a Study Finds ” (Business Day, Aug. 26), about how lottery winners lead more satisfying lives, with horrified disbelief. As a person who has lived with and known several addicted gamblers, I believe that the study is hogwash. Many of the people who buy enough lottery tickets to actually win are addicted gamblers. As those who attend Gamblers Anonymous meetings know, the worst thing that can happen to them is to win, not lose, money by gambling. When gamblers win, they take that money and double down on their addiction. A college friend, a severely addicted gambler, won a million-dollar lottery in her state. Soon she was jetting out to visit me in Las Vegas every month, gambling, taking in shows, eating expensive meals and buying designer clothes. To maintain her gambling habit she was borrowing against her future payouts, and she got so deeply in debt that she remortgaged her home without telling her husband and sold her car. She eventually had a nervous breakdown.

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Chris Simms & Adam Lefkoe bring gambling focus to new Bleacher Report NFL show

No word yet on how the league will feel about seeing these people associated with gambling, but such is the world we live in now that the  Supreme Court essentially legalized sports betting in a ruling last year. Dave Finocchio, Bleacher Report’s co-founder and chief executive, told the WSJ that he sees that court ruling as one that is about to trigger “a paradigm shift” in sports media. He expects shows that include or even focus on gambling will become more commonplace in the mainstream sports media landscape. “Based on what happened in the UK sports betting market — and how the black market operates in the United States — the ability to bet on sports is going to make fans of the NFL more engaged than they have been,” Mr. Finocchio told the WSJ. “We think it’s that big of a deal, and we want to be a part of the conversation around sports betting.” Of course, Bleacher Report isn’t the first sports media company of note to get on the gambling train.

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