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BlackJack medics train for Role 2 mass casualty evacuations

BlackJack medics The smaller training audience provided medics who recently graduated from advanced individual training, hands-on training with senior leaders in a field environment. “Today is about preparation and introduction to set a baseline and standard for how we are going to conduct brigade support area operations in November,” said Staff Sgt. Daniel Eide, a combat medic specialist assigned to 15th Brigade Support Battalion. Eide explained the Role 2 is the next level of care from the initial treatment of a casualty and responsible for the next level of care for 4,000 Soldiers in the brigade. Every battalion is considered a Role 1 and they transport victims to the Role 2 for their next level of treatment. Army medics are experts at treating casualties on the battlefield, but when more casualties exceed the capabilities of a medical treatment facility, a MASCAL situation occurs. “Our focus is MASCAL,” said Eide. “Most of these Soldiers here have only received an introductory exposure during AIT, and we want to show them how a MASCAL would be handled at a Role 2 facility as opposed to a Role 1 facility which is what they were exposed to during AIT.” Role 1 is at the battalion level. If a Soldier gets injured, they stabilize the patient, evaluate for any other life-threatening issues and transport them to the Role 2 for additional treatment. Eide said tactical combat casualty care training is the “Bread and butter” training for any medic regardless of whether they are assigned Role 1, 2, or 3. The TC3 focus is on treatment from the point of injury to the point of evacuation and the steps they need to follow to stabilize the patient and get them to the next level of care.

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What I am offering you is, in fact, a blackjack strategy to help you get further. Think of it like playing a video game with a guide, or going on a guided tour when you go on vacation. That’s not cheating - that’s just sensible precautions. Sure, you think, but isn’t blackjack a game, and wouldn’t a winning strategy be against the spirit of that game? If you’re thinking that, then, my friend, you are more noble than most of the players out there, and the world needs more people like you - but the world isn’t like that, and to make sure you come out on top, you need the Blackjack Cheat Sheet. First, though, let’s take you through some basics of deck blackjack terminology and blackjack strategy, as you’ll need to know what these words and phrases mean in order to decipher what our Cheat Sheet is saying.

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